Myra the “Crazy Goat Lady”


“I encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zone, because you might just find a new one.  I did, half way around the world!”

Just a few short years ago Myra Grayson bought two goats to clear the brush on her property and now she has a new found passion for goats.  She refers to her herd as her “kids” and each goat has a name.  She and her high school sweetheart care for these animals at their own oasis, Grayslland Acres.


These acres are picturesque, goats grazing the open land is Myra’s happy place.  She soon found another use for her goats and began making soap and lotions out of their milk. Goat milk is wonderful because it has the same Ph as human milk.


Last year, she was invited to go Kenya with a mission group called  Centerwill. Myra and the missionaries taught women the trade of making goat milk soap.  This forever changed her life and now Myra goes annually to share her love of these sweet animals with women half way around the world.   Myra proves it is never too late to find your joy… and sharing your joy is one of the greatest fulfillment’s ever!

Here’s latest adventure with Myra “crazy goat lady” that’s making the world a better place!